2.1 LHDC.png
2.1 LHDC.png


extreme wireless audio

The next generation standard for high quality Bluetooth audio format

LHDC™ is the next generation for the highest quality of wireless audio . LHDC™ ensures the most realistic and high definition wireless audio. There will be no more audio quality disparity between wireless and wired audio devices. Enjoy both convenience and high-quality that wireless audio via Bluetooth.  

LHDC is ideal for streaming audio with the most limited loss in order to reproduce the original sound.

LHDC-LL™ is ideal for streaming audio with the most limited latency during gaming. With the technology from LHDC, LHDC-LL provide both high-quality and low-lantency audio

LARC is ideal for low-latency audio (LHDC-LL™) able to provide stable audio streaming during gaming.