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2.1 LHDC.png

What is LARC™  ?

LARC™ stands for Low-Latency Adaptive Re-Construction technology and is announced by Savitech. To provide a low latency solution, the fastest way is to reduce buffer on the side of the earbuds. However, reducing the buffer will cause dropout and unstable situation. With LARC technology, BT IC buffer can reduce to 40ms while gaming mode by reconstructing audio data while dropout. Enjoy both the low-latency and stability that LLAC & LARC brings.

LARC Features :

1. LARC™ is able to reconstruct 120ms dropout

2. Earbuds with LARC™ technology are able to adjust buffer 

automatically depending on the RF environment. 

3. LARC™ has a high capability with all BT IC and not only support 

LLAC™ but also can support other audio codecs.

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How LARC™ works while audio drop out

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