2.1 LHDC.png
2.1 LHDC.png

What is LHDC-LL™  ?

LHDC-LL™ stands for low latency audio codec and is announced by Savitech. Comparing to normal Bluetooth audio format, LHDC-LL™ allows low-latency audio best for gaming solution. LHDC-LL™ also inherit the high definition wireless audio technology from LHDC™. LHDC-LL™ minimized the latency disparity between wireless and wired audio devices. Enjoy both convenience and low-latency that wireless audio via Bluetooth brings.


LHDC-LL™ compared to phone speaker can provide latency as low as around ~30ms

LHDC-LL™ inherited high performance audio quality technology from LHDC™

LHDC-LL™ provides no hardware requirement on transmitter side


Sampling Rate : 24bit/48Khz

Bitrate : 400kbps/600kbps

Multi platform supported

Auto detect gaming mode